A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'American Symphony'

‘American Symphony’

Creating a great work of art is very much like creating a heartfelt, loving relationship. Both take work and commitment, …
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'When Time Got Louder'

‘When Time Got Louder’

Finding a harmonious balance between caring for the needs of others and addressing one’s own happiness and well-being can be …
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'Story Ave'

‘Story Ave’

For many at-risk youth, there comes a turning point where they can head off in one direction or another, each …
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'May December'

‘May December’

In moviemaking, there’s subtlety, and then there’s subtlety carried too far. In the case of director Todd Haynes’s latest, the …
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Unsung heroes often don’t get their day. Fortunately, however, for civil rights activist Bayard Rustin (Colman Domingo), principal organizer of …
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'Dream Scenario'

‘Dream Scenario’

Packing a lot of material and ideas into a single film can result in a muddled, confusing mess, no matter …
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'El Conde' ('The Count')

‘El Conde’ (‘The Count’)

Fusing cinematic genres can be tricky, especially if the mix doesn’t mesh. But the latest from writer-director Pablo Larraín successfully …
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'Albert Brooks: Defending My Life'

‘Albert Brooks: Defending My Life’

When someone helps to shift the direction of something, regardless of the milieu involved, there’s a natural inclination to want …
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'The Marvels'

‘The Marvels’

When I first heard the title of this movie, I thought it was about a 1960s girls’ singing group. And, …
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