A Round-up of New Movies in Theaters, Online and Available for Home Viewing

'French Exit'

‘French Exit’

Admittedly, not everything works in this quirky absurdist comedy-drama, but, when it does click (which is most of the time), …
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'She Dies Tomorrow'

‘She Dies Tomorrow’

We generally don’t know when death is going to come knocking at our door. But, when a woman receives a …
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'La leyenda negra'

‘La leyenda negra’

Despite strong character development and gorgeous black-and-white cinematography, this well-intentioned but unfocused story of an undocumented Salvadoran lesbian teen never …
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'Better Days'

‘Better Days’

As a treatise on the damage and indignities caused by bullying (both physically and in cyberspace), the message here couldn’t …
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'All In: The Fight for Democracy'

‘All In: The Fight for Democracy’

No matter where one stands politically, most of us (or so I would like to hope) believe in a sense …
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'Dick Johnson Is Dead'

‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’

I must be missing something here, because I just don’t get the hype behind director Kirsten Johnson’s documentary about the …
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'The Mole Agent'

‘The Mole Agent’

When the daughter of a Chilean nursing home patient suspects that her mother is being subjected to elder abuse and …
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'The Man Who Sold His Skin'

‘The Man Who Sold His Skin’

Chilling, satirical and full of irony, this contemporary drama about selling one’s soul for an alleged sense of freedom only …
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When a closeted gay South African teen (a “moffie” in local derogatory lingo) is conscripted into the military in 1981 …
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