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Movies, Movies, Movies on Facebook and Radio!

Join host Frankie Picasso and me for a full hour of Movies with Meaning on the next edition of The Good Media Network’s Frankiesense & More broadcast on a special day and time, Thursday, October 25, at 12 pm ET. We’ll discuss a number of new movie releases, as well as highlights of the recently completed Chicago International Film Festival. For the video version, tune in on Facebook Live by clicking here. And, for the audio only podcast edition, check out The Good Media Network’s home page by clicking here. Join us for some fun movie chat!

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Check Out Self Discovery Radio

Here’s a little gift just in time for the holidays! Join me and host Sara Troy for the current edition of Self Discovery Radio in which we discuss conscious creation in the movies, particularly as covered in my new book, Third Real: Conscious Creation Goes Back to the Movies. The interview is available as the featured podcast for the next week and will be subsequently archived on the show’s web site. Tune in for some fun and lively movie chat by clicking here.

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