A Second Look at an Inspiring Documentary

Join host Frankie Picasso, author Sandra Beck and yours truly for a special edition of The Good Media Network's Mission Unstoppable when we speak with filmmaker Renee Scheltema about the new, updated version of her sustainability documentary, "Normal Is Over 1.1." Tune in to Facebook Live on Thursday April 30 at 1 pm ET by clicking here. For more information, click here.

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What’s Going On?

What in the world is going on these days? That's a good question, one we're opening up for discussion on a special edition of Frankiesense & More on The Good Media Network. Tune in on Facebook Live on Friday April 10 at 12 pm ET for a thoughtful discussion of a wide range of topics with host Frankie Picasso, yours truly and special guest author Sandra Beck by clicking here. UPDATE: For those who expected to hear the show live, we had a slight broadcast glitch, but the recorded show can be heard by clicking here.    

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